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PFA partners with Feltrim Sports

Apr 23, 2023

Peak Football Academy partners with Feltrim Sports Facility to Enhance Soccer Programs

Central, Florida - Peak Football Academy and Feltrim Sports Facility are proud to announce their partnership to enhance the soccer programs offered by PFA. The partnership brings together two leading organizations in the sports industry to provide the ultimate soccer experience for players.

Feltrim Sports Facility is a state-of-the-art sports facility located in Central, Florida, and offers the perfect venue for both small-sided and full-size soccer games. With its top-quality turf fields, locker room area, snack bar, and bar and grill, Feltrim Sports Facility is the perfect place for players to train and compete


The partnership will provide Peak Football Academy with access to Feltrim Sports Facility's first-class facilities and amenities, allowing players to train and play in a safe and welcoming environment. This will enable the academy to deliver a comprehensive soccer program that focuses on player development, tactical training, and competitive play.

"We are thrilled to partner with Feltrim Sports Facility to offer our players the best possible soccer experience," said Nate Frieberg, Academy Director at Peak Football Academy. "The facilities at Feltrim are unmatched, and we are excited to provide our players with access to these world-class amenities. This partnership will allow us to take our soccer programs to the next level and ensure that our players receive the best possible training and development."

The partnership between Peak Football Academy and Feltrim Sports Facility is a testament to their commitment to providing the best possible soccer experience for players. With the combined expertise and resources of both organizations, players can expect to receive top-notch training and coaching, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and opportunities to compete at the highest level.

For more information about Feltrim Sports Facility and its amenities, visit

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