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November 11-12 & November 18-19


New this year, Peak Football Academy – New England (PFA-NE) offers a leaf raking service. Our youth soccer players have the discipline necessary to succeed on the pitch and in your yard. They are goal-driven, athletic, and willing to do the hard work required to raise money for their club. Hiring these youth soccer players to rake your leaves will allow our local student-athletes to participate in top, out-of-state, national youth soccer tournaments. The money raised goes toward travel costs for the Academy team.

The raking days for the Fall 2023 season are November 11-12 and November 18-19. [Rain date will be December 2]. This service will be provided in Chittenden County Vermont.

Sign up using our Sign Up Form We are grouping our players by neighborhood; we will follow-up with the date and time your team of footballers-turned-rakers will come to your home and tackle those leaves. 

The deadline to sign up is November 16.

What do I get?

Each crew consists of 4 people – 3 athletes and an adult supervisor. Each team comes equipped with leaf blowers, rakes, and tarps. The supervisor ensures the athletes are on task and communicates with the customer.

How much does it cost?
You choose the time you need based on the project size. Some examples of typical projects are below with yard sizes and leaf coverage (light, regular, heavy, very heavy). Please remember that we will do our best in the time chosen, but we cannot guarantee that your yard/job will be completely clear of leaves.

Yard Size     Light      Normal    Heavy     Very Heavy

0.5 Acre      1 hour      1 hour      2 hours     3 hours

1.0 Acre      1 hour      2 hours    3 hours

1.5 Acres     2 hours     3 hours



Other factors to consider when estimating include the number of gardens, how far leaves need to be moved, and hills to/from the drop site.

1 hour   = $125

2 hours = $225

3 hours = $315

The PFA-NE Quality Pledge -  PFA-NE pledges that our raking will be as complete as possible in the time allotted and good quality. We want you to be satisfied with our work.

      *If our work lacks quality, we will return to fix it. Please email us by the following Monday so that we can schedule the follow-up.

      *If we cannot finish in the time allocated, you are welcome to sign up for another slot to have us come back if our schedule has openings.

I only need a small amount of raking – can I sign up for a smaller project?
For this event, the minimum we offer is the 1-hour time slot.


Will I receive an email confirming my reservation?
You will receive an email confirmation when you place the reservation. You will also receive a heads-up reminder a week before the event.

What about rain cancellation?
The rain date cancellation will take effect if it is raining or if the leaves are wet from previous rain, as they are challenging to rake when wet. A decision to use the rain date will be made as little as 8 hours before the service. In this event, an email notification will be sent to you. You will be asked to re-book for the rain date on December 2.


Can I cancel my reservation?
You are free to cancel your reservation up to 4 days in advance. Please email us as soon as you can.


Do I need to be at home for the raking?
No. But if you won't be home, please let us know when we send you your reservation details. We will contact you to get any specific details about your raking.


Will you remove/dispose of leaves for me?
We offer a disposal service for an extra charge. Otherwise, if you don't have woods, our raking team will pile the leaves near the road for removal.

     1hr $30 removal fee

     2hr $40 removal fee

     3hr $50 removal fee

What forms of payment do you accept? What are the payment terms? 
Payment is expected at the time service is completed. Our preferred means of payment is a check payable to Peak Football Academy. If you will not be home the day we come, you can tape the check in an envelope to the door. Please email us if you have any questions.


I am a SFC Alumni, or parent of SFC Alumni. Can I get my lawn raked?
Yes! Alums and parents of Alumni (who don't have a current player) are welcome to sign up!


Is payment for the raking tax-deductible?
Unfortunately, no. Tax rules say that if a product or service is received in exchange, it is not considered a charitable donation or tax deductible.


I am a parent of a current PFA-NE player. Can I get my lawn raked?
The leaf raking service is not available to parents of current players. We offer the service to residents of Chittenden County that are not directly involved with the team.

Credit: Thanks to for providing a blueprint for our New England-based fundraiser.

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